At Negawatts.io, we’re revolutionising the way energy and resource conservation projects are funded. Our platform is driven by a singular mission: to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future by directing capital to projects that make a tangible difference.

How We Work

We believe in the power of negawatts—energy saved through conservation—as a crucial component of our sustainable future. Our platform facilitates the financing of energy and resource conservation projects through a transparent and verifiable process. Here’s how it works:


We collaborate with project partners to identify high-impact conservation projects with the potential to save significant energy and resources.


Investors can easily allocate capital to these projects through our platform. We connect capital to conservation, ensuring that every investment contributes to a more sustainable world.


We employ rigorous measurement and verification processes to track the impact of each project. Transparency is at the core of what we do, and we provide real-time data on the results achieved.

Our Impact

By focusing on negawatts, we are not just reducing energy consumption; we are fundamentally altering the trajectory of resource depletion and environmental degradation. Together with our partners and investors, we are creating a future where sustainability is the norm, and conservation is a collective effort.


Join us at Negawatts.io in reshaping our world’s future—one negawatt at a time.