Boutique Hotel Singapore

vChill system efficiency of 0.56 kW/RT

Boutique hotel with 204 rooms in vibrant Geylang Singapore.

Attained Singapore Green Mark Platinum in year 2014.

Client had concerns on the ability the Chiller Plant to meet Platinum requirement of 0.70 kW/RT for boutique hotel category with consultant design load of 100 RT.

With vChill Design and Build, the actual load was 50 ~ 85 RT with performance exceeding all expectations with operating average of 0.56 kW/RT. This is a classic example of being able to deliver less at higher efficiency in order to service the hotel efficiently.

  • Before: Air Cooled Chiller operating @ 3kW/RT
  • After: Water Cooled Chiller System operating at 0.56kW/RT
  • Savings: 2.44 kW/RT or 81.3%

Hotel Chiller Plant Upgrade - Jakarta

Energy & Water Savings Performance Contract

Chiller plant  retrofit to upgrade a 300 room hotel centralised Chiller Plant System (chillers, pumps & cooling towers) funded through shared energy savings using vChill.

Before: 1.38kW/RT

After: <0.60 kW/RT

Energy Savings: 0.78kW/RT or 56.5% (projected)

Water Savings: 9.4ML/year or >90% (Saved)